Kolo 1/2 pound - Almi kolo

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Almi Kolo -The number one EthiopianSnack- 

Zip Lock Pouche ideally very convenient option for carrying this awesome snack around where frequent opening and closing of the pouch is required.

 Ethiopia has an innate and fascinating history of grain based culinary tradition.  Accordingly many Ethiopian knows how to indulge their body and soul with different kinds of nutritious and healthy grains whether by making a national staple food out of it to a simple snack like Kolo – simply roasted grain mix.

Since Kolo has long shelf life, it is usually prepared in bulk, stored in a container and served in smaller portion on a little plate for the household members or esteemed Ethiopian household guests to nibble on delicious roasted grains.

Here in Ethiopia Kolo is usually enjoyed between meals, while having traditional coffee or drinking Ethiopian traditional home brewed beer (Tela).

Barley is the main grain which dominated the combination about 75% in preparing Kolo, peanut and Sunflower seed cover the rest in completing the combination. The right kind of Barley grain which is locally known as Senef Kolo picked from the local market. Skillfully and patiently roasting the grains separately on a large roasting pan, creatively playing with it till it is evenly and beautifully roasted … brings out the delicious nutty flavor, delightful crunchiness and of course the genuine taste of this cherished Ethiopian snack – Kolo.

Kolo is a much cherished travel companion for many Ethiopian travelers. From all travel bundles that many Ethiopian mothers won’t send their children without when they go away from home whether it is to go to school or for work in the other parts of the country or abroad, Kolo is at the top of the list.


Sara Genene